New to pizza? Want to go from pizza rookie to pizza hero? 

This is How To Pizza, a 5-episode GozneyTV series where four pizza-pros teach a total beginner, our host Charlotte, all things pizza – from how to get started with your new Gozney pizza oven to becoming confident creating pizza in your own backyard. With easy-to-follow tips & tricks and a healthy dose of fun, this is the ultimate cheat code to pizza.  

Join us as rookie pizza-maker in the making, Charlotte Hemmings, learns how to set up her oven and cook her first pizza from Luis Perez (Rochester, New York), how to make the perfect dough from Feng Chen (Bangkok, Thailand), how to master pizza making skills from Adam Atkins (St. Albans, UK), and how to throw a pizza party from Ines Barlerin Glaser (Los Angeles, California). 

Mistakes will happen, laughs will be had, and epic pizzas will be made. Join us on the journey. 

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How To Pizza Ep. 01: Make & Bake

Learn how to get started with your new Gozney oven, all the equipment you need,the best way to create and cook your first pizza, and how to make sure your dough doesn’t stick to the peel and other problems for beginners.

Meet your host and total pizza-beginner, Charlotte. She’s never made pizza before but not to worry, Luis Perez is there to help and teach us how to set-up and ignite the pizza oven and how to use store-bought dough to create your first pizza – with plenty of useful tips along the way. We’re not making it up, Charlotte is a true rookie and will make mistakes and ask all the questions you’re asking. Luis,owner and operator of Peels On Wheels restaurant in Rochester, New York, walks us through the whole process with patience and a smile. He’ll teach us how to avoid common mistakes we all run into when learning how to create pizza for the first time.

How to Pizza Ep. 02: Dough The Right Thing

Learn how to easily make your own pizza dough from scratch, as well as dough troubleshooting and solutions 

 Never made your own dough? No big deal, Feng Chen joins us to share her magic of how to get that perfect pizza from dough you made yourself. World renowned for her beautiful pizzas with their puffy crusts, Feng guides our pizza-rookie Charlotte through all the steps of making dough by hand and with a mixer. She shows us how to avoid problems with some simple tips & tricks, and what to do when problems inevitably happen, from under proofed dough to how to fix holes in the dough. Along the way there maybe a couple puns, a lot of laughs, and tons of helpful information so you’re dough (and pizzas) come out just right. 

How To Pizza Ep. 03: Toppings No Stopping

Learn about pizza toppings and different pizza styles, what works as a sure thing and how to get creative when you’re ready for it 

The amazing thing about pizza is the endless possibilities, but that can be intimidating, where do you even start when you’re a beginner? Luis Perez is back to share his expert and versatile knowledge on pizza toppings and an introduction to all the different types of pizza styles out there. Spoiler alert, there’s more than one type of cheese you can put on pizza, and not all pizzas are round. Learn the differences between Neapolitan, New York, and Detroit pizza styles and more, plus a truckload of pizza making tips & tricks. 

How To Pizza Ep. 04: Turn No Burn

Learn multiple techniques to stretch, launch, and turn pizza dough to produce the best finished pizzas like the pros – no one will know you’re new to this. 

You want the best bake on your pizzas? Help is here, street pizza guru Adam Atkins shows Charlotte, our pizza rookie, the best methods for stretching dough, how to wield a placement peel, how to avoid dough sticking to the peel, and how to turn the pizza while it cooks to perfection. And that’s just the start for our pizza rookie. In a test of what’s she’s learned, Adam challenges Charlotte to a pizza battle for the ages. Will our pizza rookie emerge victorious? 

How To Pizza Ep. 05: It’s a Pizza Party

Learn how to throw a pizza party you’re guests will be raving about 

Pizza is better together. And there’s no better way to share the love and your pizza-making skills than hosting a pizza party for your crew – everybody loves pizza. Renowned for not just her pizza prowess but her ability to rock a pizza party, professional chef to the stars, Ines Barlerin Glaser, teaches us how to prep and pull off your first-time hosting: what to prep, when to prep, how set yourself up so everything goes smoothly, and shares some ideas on the best pizzas to make so the whole crowd is happy. We watch and learn as our host Charlotte goes from pizza beginner to pizza hero. No better way to celebrate than creating pizza for friends and loved ones. 

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