“I wasn’t a designer. I wasn’t a CEO. By 21 I was kicked out of school. Fresh out of rehab. I poured myself into cooking and built a pizza oven in my garden. It changed my life. In fact, it probably saved it.”

– Tom Gozney, Founder & Designer

I wasn’t a CEO. I wasn’t a designer.

At 21 I was a disillusioned kid. Kicked out of school. Fresh out of rehab. I was lost. There were a few paths I could take. But I decided to build an oven in my backyard. The first one was rough looking, but the pizza tasted great and I was hooked. It changed my life. In fact, it probably saved it.

I threw myself into food. Cooking with fire was something I could lose myself in. Better myself at. It was a skill to master and a whole new way of connecting with the people around me.

I became obsessed. Gozney was born. And we’ve done some incredible things since, with the aim of bringing a different way to cook to as many people as possible. Because I know first-hand that it cannot only change how they create food, but how they live. And for some, what they become.

Founder & Designer

We are on a mission to change the way the world cooks outdoors. Creators of pioneering live-fire outdoor ovens.

restaurant with pizza oven

From Restaurant Oven Origins

All Gozney products, from portable to professional, are born out of our experience and knowledge as the UK leader in restaurant ovens. We bring the performance of our commercial ovens into the easy-to-use ovens for your home.

Home Ovens
Roccbox Pizza oven cooking outside

Roccbox: Revolutionary Original

Roccbox, the world’s first and original stone-floored portable live-fire oven, changed the pizza and outdoor cooking game. The easy-to-use 950° live-fire oven that cooks restaurant-quality pizza in 60 seconds and so much more.

Dome Pizza oven cooking outside

Dome: Next Level Versatility

The pioneering dual-fuel oven that brings the ancient practice of cooking with fire into the world of tomorrow. Cook 60 second pizzas or roast, bake, and steam limitless food possibilities. More than the ultimate pizza experience.