Picky Wops Vegan Pizza Recipe

Picky Wops Vegan Pizza Recipe

What to know?

Temperature Base Temperature Needle
  • Temperature Base 450 degrees
  • Pizza Vegan Vegetarian
  • 1-2

Next up in our Gozney Guest Chef series is Italian duo Picky Wops, regulars at Brixton Vegan Market, using Roccbox to serve their hungry customers. 

Picky Wops Vegan Pizza Recipe

Picky Wops Vegan Pizza Recipe

Their vegan cheese  is delicious and easy to make and the turmeric pizza bases were to die-for delicious. These pizzas were a hit here at Gozney HQ and won them the title of Best Vegan Pizza from Happy Cow. Whether you are vegan or not, these are a must try!

1. For the dough;

-Start by making the dough. Place the water in a large bowl and crumble in the yeast. Whisk together.

-Add half the flour and continue to mix with the whisk until a cream consistency is achieved. Add the remaining flour and the salt, whisk until you are able to use your hands then knead in the bowl for 5 minutes.

-Add the olive oil and knead the dough on a clean surface for a further 5 minutes.

-Divide the rested dough into 4 and shape each portion into a dough ball. Transfer to a tray, cover with a lid or cling film and refrigerate overnight. When ready to use, allow the dough to come up to room temperature for 2-4 hours before opening into pizzas.

2. For the cashew cheese;

- For the cashew mozzarella put the soaked cashew nuts in a strong food processor, add the water and blend until the consistency of light cream is achieved.

-Add all the remaining ingredients and continue to blitz for 5 minutes.

-Transfer the mix to pan and heat on a low to medium flame until thickened- about 5 minutes.

-Transfer the cheese mix to a bowl of ice water- this will ‘set’ the cheese- and refrigerate until required.

3. For the aubergine bacon;

-Finally, the aubergine ‘bacon’. Lightly oil and salt a pan or tray before laying out the aubergine slices. Turn the pre heated Roccbox’s burner down to its lowest setting and cook the slices in the oven 3-4 minutes, flipping halfway through the cook time.

-Dip the aubergine slices into the soy sauce and return to the tray. Brush each slice with maple syrup and sprinkle over the smoked paprika. Return the tray to Roccbox for a final 2-3 minutes.

4. Building the pizza;

-To build the pizza, allow your dough balls to come up to room temperature for around 2 hours before opening them into a pizza skin. Top the base with tomato sauce and a few slices of the aubergine bacon. Rip up some of the cashew cheese and add this to the pizza too. Cook in a hot Roccbox, on full flame, for around 2 minutes- rotating as required. When the pizza is cooked, transfer to a plate and drizzle with a pesto or eat it as it is.