We are delighted to have received such a brilliant review from Real Homes;


Until the domestic pizza oven became more widely available, amazing, truly tasty pizza at home was a pipe dream. Anybody can buy terrible pizza and put it in the oven at home. You can get pretty tasty pizza delivered across the UK and, if you live near enough, convince one of the artisanal boutique/street food pizza merchants to send out one of their wonderful, ‘proper’ pizzas to you. Delicious – but not piping hot, fresh from the oven. 

And then Gozney Roccbox came along. It’s the world’s first portable, insulated stone floor pizza oven – designed for the beach as much as the patio. At £499, it’s not cheap – but is it worth it? 

We tested it several times over the course of a month or so using pizza-obsessed pre-teens as our taste judges...

To read the full Roccbox Review, visit the Real Homes website.


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